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Five Star Bitch

Graphics AND Songs. What more could you ask for?


Nana (by Ai Yazawa):

Right-click link, "save target as", okay?

Para Para:
HeartBeat {DOWNLOAD}
This is a nice song. That's the main reason I'm putting it here. A lot of the other songs I'm not so fond of. So at least if you can't Para Para to it you can just listen to it. There is one girl for Para reference in this one. The song is nice and dancey, of course.
Sorry if it takes forever and a day to download. It may or may not go fast, depending on when you try to access it.
*** Recommened to me by my Japanese friend (just in case that sways your opinion) XD

"Koi No Victory" {DOWNLOAD}
Morning Musume [Dancey Tehcno]
I love this song soooooooooo MUCH. One of my all time favorite songs from Morning Musume. It's so much fun to listen to, and it's very upbeat. Makes you want to go out and conquer the world (or at least it makes me feel that way) o___o; I think most people who like JPOP will love this song.

"Ai Araba It's Alright" {DOWNLOAD}
Morning Musume [Upbeat]
This is a really cute song, with a cute message. If you like most of the other MoMusu stuff, you'll like this song to. "As long as there's love it's alright" - who can disagree with that? It's not as hyper, a little more slow with the beat. But it's still upbeat and happy.

"All For One & One For All" {DOWNLOAD}
Morning Musume [Upbeat]
This is yet another, cute, upbeat, happy song from MoMusu. It's really the only ones I like. So, of course I download and keep all of them that are like this. There is some guy's voice added within the track saying "Here we go!" "YEAH" and stuff like that, but other than that, no annoyances. They say "SUGOI SUGOI SUGOI" <--- favorite part. XP I'm a dork. You can definitely dance to this song.

Okie. Here it is ladies and gents. YOU OWE ME, BIG TIME. Just try not to clog up my bandwith by downloading everything all at once, please. :) Thank you!

Comment, CREDIT!!!!!, Enjoy

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