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This is a community for talented graphic artists who make icons and graphics for LiveJournal. If you make icons, Friends Only banners, etc. You should apply! People who wish to be able to view these graphics should apply. This community will be as secure as possible to limit the amount of graphic theft.

This is The Icon Mafia so we want the best and most talented.

[1]. To join this community, you will need to be accepted in. This is the way the community is set up, no complaining.
[2]. There will be no graphic theft AT ALL. All graphics posted here REQUIRE credit unless stated otherwise by the maker. To be safe, always credit the person who made it. If you are caught without credit for any graphics you will be warned ONCE. If you do not credit after 24 hours, you will be banned. Graphic theft is NOT tolerated here.
[3]. All large images should be put under an LJ-cut. If people add this community to their friends list, they don't want a 700x900 image clogging their screen. I don't want that either. If you're not sure if it's large or not, LJ-CUT IT.
[4]. Drama is not tolerated here. There is no excuse to be rude to anyone at any time. The person who starts it first will be banned. Do not participate in flame wars in this community. That is not it's purpose.
[5]. If someone in the community is using an icon of yours without credit, please let one of the moderators know so we can let them know they have 24 hours to credit you.
[6]. The icon's author is the main authority when it comes to their icons. If they tell you to comment first before taking the icon, you comment first. Be polite and follow their rules, too.

Follow the rules and we can all get along and be friends. The Icon Mafia does not take kindly to rule-breakers.

stilista / Lauren / Bunz
"The Mighty Odango" - She is the almighty Mob Boss. You follow her rules and you don't swim with the fishes. She loves anime and manga, web design, cheesecake and shopping. If you wish to know more, visit her personal journal, which is Friends Only. Rules with an iron fist, but easy to please.

la80schica / Carissa / Michi
The Commander in Chief, so to speak. Her supreme graphic powers will strike fear into the hearts of many, (fear or pleasure, whichever one, you can decide). If you have problems or questions, don't hesitate to go to her. She has her own icon journal ice_icons, which would be another good addition to your friends list. ::hint hint::